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mementomoriiv: Tamara Gonzales


mementomoriivTamara Gonzales

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every night I go to bed hoping that I don’t wake up. i’ve never felt so isolated in my life which I didn’t think was even possible. idk what to do anymore.

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yeah guys I know my theme is totally effed rn :( idk what happened but I don’t have time to fix it I’m workin at comic con.

p.s. if ya see me & I don’t say hey I’m not bein rude I’m just super frickin shy don’t hate me :’(

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I added a donate button to my blog because I’m pregnant and my job is too gnarly for my unborn babe so I had to go on disability. Since disability takes about a week to go through I will be missing out on a weeks worth of pay which is something my husband and I cannot afford.

After that I will be…

Hey guys, just gonna keep reblogging this every once in a while out of desperation. Please reblog if you feel so inclined. Feel free to unfollow if it bugs you.

Still haven’t received my disability that I applied for on the 30th and things are looking bleak. I’ve lost 16 lbs since I stopped working. I would just let myself rot before asking the internet for money if I wasn’t pregnant but like I’ve mentioned, I’ve exhausted all of my known options.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions I am open to that as well, just know that I’ve already applied for all of the public assistance programs offered in my state and looked into any charities in my area that offer help to folks in my situation. Thank you in advance <3

Just wanted to update you guys on my situation as some people have requested. I still haven’t gotten my disability and found out last week it’s bc my doctor hasn’t even filed my paperwork yet. He is SUPPOSED to have it filed by today but now my concern is that it will be rejected bc to my understanding, there is a window of time that these things need to be completed in. Every time I call to harass him (every day) his staff are incredibly rude to me and say they will leave him a message but he never calls me back.

So with that being said I am still so stupid broke. My husband is a Type 1 Diabetic and he is insulin dependent. He is also bipolar and on two different medications for that and we haven’t been able to afford any of them. Both of our cars are in danger of being repossessed. And since we haven’t been able to afford our phone, electricity or internet bills those things will be going very soon.

Thanks to your guys’ help the last couple times I have posted we were able to get some food in our bellies which is HUGE bc with everything we have needed to shell out money for to exist, food for ourselves has been a low priority. We are now receiving WIC but milk, cheese, bread and eggs only get you so far when you can’t afford anything else. 

So if you guys could please continue to reblog this and send positive vibes. I know times are tight but if you can spare it, a donate button is still up on my blog. Any help at all is so so so greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance <333


Forever meBARTMAN #4 (Aug. 1994)Art by Steve Vance (pencils), Bill Morison (inks) &amp; Cindy Vance (colors)Words by Jan Strnad 


Forever me
BARTMAN #4 (Aug. 1994)
Art by Steve Vance (pencils), Bill Morison (inks) & Cindy Vance (colors)
Words by Jan Strnad 

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